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Are you worried about the hassles of packing and moving? If yes, then you need the right packing and moving services. A company that’s known as a reliable movers and packers and offers all essential packing, moving and unpacking assistance under one roof.

We all know that packing and moving can prove to be a hugely daunting task in more ways than one. So, when you make the smart choice of hiring a professional packing and moving firm, you can get the peace of mind that you seek during such a transition. It is true that you may choose to do all of these things all by yourself. But it is equally true that you may lack the regular experience or the equipment needed to safely pack and move all kinds of goods. In the absence of the right training and technical knowhow, it is highly likely that you may end up hurting yourself or end up damaging your goods somehow.

We ensure none of above mentioned problems occur. Our priority is to offer you our packing and moving assistance to your full satisfaction.

Our team of professional movers is available to make moving day hassle free and faster for you. We come loaded with all the necessary resources and equipment to make the entire process the way you would expect from a reputed packing and moving company.

  • Our team is trained and qualified to handle all types and sizes of goods.
  • We are licensed and insured. So, you need not worry about your belongings being damaged at any point.
  • We bring our own packing material and transport to relieve from any headaches on the big day.

Professional Packing Services Will Take Care of it All!

With AFD Movers professional packing and moving services, you never have to pack a box again. Nothing can be more daunting than packing hundreds of boxes or relying on unprofessional packing and moving companies. On top of this, unpacking boxes just adds to the stress and headaches. By bringing our packing and moving business on board, you can truly transform what may be a stressful move into an exciting one. Just imagine: moving from one location to the next without having to pick up a box! Well, now you have a trusted and quality California moving company that can do it for you.

When you hire us for packing and moving, throughout the process, we will protect your valuables and belongings. When you choose us, you won’t have to lift a box, you can instruct and guide us as to what you want, and where! This is a contributing factor to why we are one of the most trusted packers and movers in Orange County.


Packing & Unpacking


  • We provide our valued customers free use of our specialized heavy duty blankets that protect your belongings such as TV’s, Headboards, Couches, Dressers and other valued belongings at your request.

  • All our trucks are equipped with wardrobe boxes as well as power and hand tools for quick reassemble and assemble of any type of furniture including but not limited to Beds, Bunk Beds, Baby Cribs, Dressers/Mirrors, Tables, China Cabinets, and etc.


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With AFD Movers Inc as your packing and moving company, your move from point A to point B is made easy. As much as you value your belongings, we value your business. Get to know what we offer and how our packers and movers can help!









Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: Start as soon as the move is confirmed. To help you stay on track, follow this packing calendar as moving day approaches (link to Packing Calendar).

When planning a move, the amount of time you should leave for packing depends on the two important factors: size of your household and the number of items you’ll be taking with you.

The larger the household and the more items you plan on packing – the more time you need to set aside for packing. For example, you can’t expect to pack a two-bedroom apartment in a single day.

However, a packing rule of thumb is that you should start packing 8 week prior to the moving date. This will allow you to pack at a relaxed pace. That is if you’re not planning to hire professional packing services in Orange County, or Los Angeles.

If you plan on moving, perhaps you should hire experienced movers and packers. They can get you packed in no time, without a hassle on your part. AFD Movers Inc is the finest packing and moving company in Los Angeles and Orange County so feel free to give us a call.

Although you might think that packing is an area where you can save a couple of dollars when you’re already paying for professional movers, it’s not something you should do. Especially not when you take into account just how time-consuming packing can be.

When you hire a professional packing and moving company you can expect experienced packers to have your items all ready for a move three times as quickly as you and your family members would be able to do on your own.

AFD Movers Inc employs the finest movers and packers in the business, and we will be able to pack up your home in Orange County and Los Angeles in no time. Just tell us where you’re moving to, what you’re bringing to your new place, and the rest is on us. We’ll do the moving and packing for you, and you don’t have to worry for a single second.

However, in order for experienced packers and movers to be able to pack everything quickly and efficiently, you have to help them out. But only a bit, there’s absolutely no heavy lifting involved at all.

Just organize all of your household items well and settle on what needs to be packed ahead of time, before the packing service personnel arrives at your Orange County, or Los Angeles home. This will ensure that professional packers can immediately hop to it and get you packed in no time.

As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s not easy to pack up a two-bedroom house, let alone a three-bedroom one. Planning ahead and starting to slowly pack two weeks in advance is the only way to ensure you don’t miss anything and that you properly secure all your belongings.

However, if you choose to hire packing and moving professionals from AFD Movers, you can expect three movers to pack your three-bedroom home in Orange County or Los Angeles within 5 to 8 hours, depending on how many items you have.

All you need to do is organize your household items prior to the movers and packers’ arrival, and that’s it. After that, no need to lift a finger, literally. The only thing you can think about lifting is your feet up.

AFD Movers will dispatch a packing and moving crew to your location across the Orange County area at the agreed time, and all you have to do is open the door for them. After that, sit back, relax, and let the pros take over. You’ve done what you had to, now it’s time to unwind.

Yes, movers disassemble beds you want to relocate, as well as any other furniture you want to take with you to your new home.


However, there are some items that a professional moving crew will not be able to pack for you. These items include:

  • Valuables, such as jewelry or cash
  • Perishable food
  • Live house plants
  • Liquids

These are items best left in your care, especially when it comes to valuable items. Keep these items close to you, and prevent any potential problems from arising.

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