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Tips for Moving Cross Country


  1. Make a plan as soon as you know you’re moving
  2. Stay on schedule
  3. Get multiple in-home moving estimates
  4. Hire a reputable moving company
  5. Update important documents like your license
  6. Purchase moving insurance
  7. Make an inventory list
  8. Figure out where everything will go in your new home
  9. Part ways with things: keep, donate, or sell
  10. Prioritize items you need to keep with you: make “open-first box”
  11. Pack boxes with distance in mind
  12. Organize belongings as you pack
  13. Label boxes with your name (in case of mixed deliveries)
  14. Let the professionals handle it (organizing, packing, cleaning)
  15. Save money where you can
  16. Move during off-season
  17. Decide how to move yourself (and your car): driving, or shipping
  18. Plan around your delivery window
  19. Be aware of your move-in situation
  20. Triple-check your belongings before the movers leave

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